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At Betamakers our values are the foundation and people the core. We offer a workplace with a world of opportunities, engaging work, global culture and competitive rewards. Together, we achieve!

Careers at Betamakers

Betamakers values make us different and provide a sense of direction for employees around the world as we continue the transformation of Betamakers into an internet company. Values act as a foundation for our culture and are the basis of our operational mode. Living them every day is our shared philosophy.

Betamakers way of working is about flat, networked organization as well as speed and flexibility in decision-making. We nourish equal opportunities and openness towards people and new ideas. We are focusing on developing ways of working to engage our employees in creating a world where everyone can be connected and where employees can make the best work of their lives. We want to create, but also live in that world in our daily working life.

Your career in your hands

We open the door to great opportunities and connect you to what is important to you. Betamakers provides employees with market competitive rewards through a flexible global structure. It addresses diverse and changing business and employment environments, as well as specific individual preferences. Betamakers rewards employees for good performance, competence development, and for overall company success.

Student jobs

Betamakers offers flexible job opportunities for students. Working is possible in periods of different lengths throughout the year. It is possible to work full-time or part-time and there are also opportunities for thesis work. In addition, working abroad is encouraged.

Our recruitment process starts here on our website. All positions are advertised at these pages. If you can't find a matching opportunity right now, please fill in a candidate profile. In the candidate profile, you can also ask to be alerted of new suitable openings.

For further information about jobs please write to us at

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