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Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique to make your site Search Engine friendly. The question arises that why we need to make our website Search Engine friendly? Simple answer to this is that in order to make your website good visible at Search Engine results and to obtain more traffic on site. Most often people want their site to appear on the top when someone may query about their product in search engine.

There are two different ways to perform search engine optimization on a website i.e. Organic SEO and In-Organic SEO. Organic SEO is a process which involves a human being. While In-Organic SEO is performed automatically with the help of man written code. In other words, the process of SEO in which a human being is involved is referred to Organic SEO and the process in which a website generates the Meta Contents, Keywords and Page Description using some programming script is called In-Organic SEO. In both processes human beings are involved but the difference is that in an Organic SEO process a human being generates the most accurate Meta Contents, Keywords and Page Description according to the page contents. Meanwhile, in an In-Organic SEO process a man written script or code works on its place and generates contents itself.

The history of SEO is not much older than the history of Search Engines. Since the Search Engines were introduced to the people, they started trying to make their sites appear on the top with their respective Keyword. Hence the era of Search Engine Optimization begin.

URL Submission

The basic and first step of SEO is URL Submission to a Search Engine. This way you put your site address in the index of Search Engine. So that the Search Engine may come to know about your website.

After registering a domain name, one may need to submit its newly registered domain name to Search Engine. Betamakers provides URL Submission to famous Search Engines .i.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo!
URL Submission

Directory Submission

Telling the URL to the Search Engine is not sufficient. It is also necessary to tell the Search Engine about the whole directory of your website. Because few Search Engines do not crawl your full website directory. In order to let the Search Engine know about the rest of the pages of your site, you need to submit your directory in the form of Sitemap to the Search Engine.

Sitemap not only tells the Search Engine about the number of pages and their location but also it defines the priority of the page and frequency of changes in it.
Directory Submission

Keyword Saturation

There are a number of ways to get your page on the top of Search Engines but Keyword Saturation is an important step to perform. For instance, if a page has multiple products and items and it became necessary to optimize the page accordingly.

Keeping in view the context of the page, highly rank able keywords are used in the page for SEO so that the pages may acquire maximum page rank level.
Keyword Saturation

Link Building

Linking a page to other websites is a process through which you may get backlinks. Backlinks are very much helpful in getting inbound traffic. It not only helps in getting more and more traffic but also increases the popularity of your website.

We offer services like link exchange, backlink and ads posting in classified websites.
Link Building

Rich Text Snippets

The modern era of Search Engine Optimization is referred to Rich Text Snippets in a page. Now a day, most of the Search Engine supports Rich Text Snippets. Rich Text Snippets helps the people to determine to click the most appropriate result appearing in the Search Engine by showing pictures, ratings, pricing or information of the page. There are several types of Rich Text Snippets, listed below:

  • Authorship
  • Reviews
  • Shopping
  • People
  • Music & Videos
  • Recipes
Rich Text Snippets


RDFa or Resource Description Framework in attributes is a W3C Recommendation that adds a set of attribute level extensions to XHTML for embedding rich metadata within Web documents.

The RDF data model mapping enables its use for embedding RDF subject predicate object expressions within XHTML documents, it also enables the extraction of RDF model triples by compliant user agents.


Package Pages Keywords Price
Rs 5,999
Rs 9,999
Rs 14,999
Rs 19,999
You can jump from a lower package to higher package at any time by paying the difference of amount in both packages.
This price may be change time to time.

How it works?

Betamakers provides SEO services to meet or compliance your website with modern search engines standards. We tune up your website to appear it for high ranking on search engines by making it search engine friendly.

We charge you for making your website to overlap with the W3C standards and US 508 Guide lines. Currently we're offering following services for optimizing your website:

  • Keyword research and saturation
  • Keyword saturation report
  • Optimized content generation
  • Internal linking
  • Directory submission
  • Link popularity report
  • High ranking on top search engine
  • Site mapping
  • Rich Text Snippets
  • Video and Geographic sitemaps
  • Social bookmarking

We work with the given outline provided by the most recommended search engines but however we don't provide any kind of liability or guarantee for appearing your all or a single page at the top most rank because of keyword competition against that page or site.
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